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New Immigrants

It’s a big step to move to Canada. There’s a number of different categories for immigration with different requirements and it can be confusing. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has provided detailed information on Immigrating to Canada.

It’s important to know that medical coverage amounts vary from $50,000 all the way up to $200,000 and the price of the insurance depends on that amount you decide to go with. Lowering the cost is possible by adding a deductible, which is the portion you agree to pay in case there is an emergency. The deductible usually applies to every claim.

Some of the insurance companies offer family plans for parents and their children, as long as they are younger than 21 and are dependents. These plans usually cost much less than if you were to buy for each member of the family separately. Insurance plans vary not only in their policies but also in cost. In order to find the best coverage with the lowest cost, you can use the Insurance Calculator for new immigrants to Canada. Included in this calculator are prices from all the Canadian insurance companies and you can buy directly online, which will save you time and money.

You can get protected now and make sure emergency medical costs don’t spoil your first experiences in Canada.

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  • Is it necessary to buy health insurance for New Immigrants to Canada?
    • Even though you are not obliged to purchase a travel insurance policy for New Immigrants to Canada, you may choose to protect your personal finances with it. In fact, if you are heading to British Columbia, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Ontario or Quebec, you will not be able to enjoy Government health insurance for another 2 or 3 months due to the waiting period. That is why it is highly recommended to buy a New Immigrants medical insurance plan to cover possible emergencies until you receive your provincial health insurance card.
  • When to apply for New Immigrants health insurance?
    • It is strongly recommended to buy your travel health insurance for New Immigrants to Canada before you arrive in order to avoid the waiting period.
      The waiting period ranges from 2 to 8 days on average depending on the insurance provider.
  • How do I get a health card in Toronto?
    • To Apply for a Health Card:

      • Get an application form online or from your local Service Ontario OHIP Office.
      • Fill it out.
      • Collect the documents you need.
      • Take your application and documents to your local Service Ontario OHIP Office.

  • How can I buy?
    • Call Toll-Free (+1) 800 697 7717 Or Talk to our support office at Live Chat.