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Returning Canadian


When returning home after a long trip abroad, there’s always an adjustment period. It also takes time for your provincial health insurance coverage to kick in.

Canadian insurance companies offer a great deal of individual health coverage policies for Canadians returning from abroad or from a different Canadian province or territory.

It’s important to contact the province or territory you intend to live in to discover how long you’ll be without medical coverage. It’s a good idea to seek supplementary medical insurance to cover you during your waiting period.

You should also consider taking out insurance before you get back because it takes 48 business hours for the coverage to take effect.

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If you are a Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada and your provincial medical care plan has been deactivated, you can protect yourself from the costs of any urgent health care needs you may have with a Medical Emergency Insurance plan designed exclusively for Returning Canadians.

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  • Do all Returning Canadian Residents need to buy travel health insurance?

    • No, it is not necessary for all Returning Canadians to purchase this insurance. Yet, it is advised that if you live in British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Yukon or Ontario and have your provincial insurance plan put on hold due to a long term absence, to protect your finances against the costs of emergency medical treatment by purchasing health insurance.
      If you reside in any other province or territory in Canada, you may be eligible to re-activate the provincial insurance coverage upon your return.
  • When should I buy medical insurance for Returning Canadians?

    • If you are coming home from a lengthy trip, it is best to purchase a private insurance policy for returning Canadian residents before you arrive in Canada.
      If you did not do so before returning back to Canada, you will have a waiting period of 2 to 8 days depending on the time you have been in Canada since your arrival.
  • Will the Returning Canadians medical insurance have the same coverage as my provincial insurance plan?
    • Unfortunately, there is no private insurance that would be comparable to your provincial health insurance plan in terms of the benefits.
      Health insurance for Returning Canadians is designed to take care of medical emergency treatment expenses, while your provincial coverage is not in force.