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What is Super Visa Insurance?

Happily, the federal government does allow Canadian citizens with qualifying parents and grandparents to visit for an extended period - six months or more — and provides an application process by which to obtain a "super visa" to get them here. The big difference from a regular visitor visa? With a super visa, your visitor can stay up to two years in a single visit, and travel back and forth for 10 years.

If your parents or grandparents visit for less than six months, then they can apply for a regular visitor's visa instead.

It is important to note that no dependents can be included in this application. Only parents or grandparents, together with their spouses or common-law partners, may be included on an application for the Super Visa.

The parent or grandparent must be considered admissible to Canada and meet other conditions. For example, applicants need a letter of financial support from their child or grandchild in Canada, who meets the minimum required income.

We offer the best rates for Super Visa insurance delivered by the most reputable Canadian health and travel insurance providers!

If you want to know more about the Super Visa Insurance plan, simply fill out the Application Form and one of our agent will get back to you with all the information and help you need from our side.

How to Calculate Super Visa Insurance Cost and Apply?

Get a Quote: Use our online calculator from the Super Visa Insurance Calculator to see the prices from all the Canadian Insurance providers we work with. You will get a list of all the quotes with different deductible options. Note that the Deductible/Excess is the amount of money that has to be paid by yourself before the insurance company pays out the rest, in case of a claim.

Select a Plan: Choose the quote that you like and click on the "Plan Details" button for the insurance plan you have selected. You will be re-directed to a webpage, where you can review coverage details for the particular Super Visa insurance policy.

Review the Coverage: Read the Summary of Benefits, Eligibility Requirements and other information outlined on the webpage. Once you have finished learning about the offered medical insurance for super visa insurance in Canada, you can click on the "Buy Now" button to begin your on-line application.

Application Form: In order to complete an application form to purchase your Super Visa insurance, all you need to do is to provide some basic personal and contact information. Once you have completed the application form, you will be contacted soon for further process.

What does Super Visa Insurance cover?

It is important to read and understand the coverage terms of your super visa insurance policy, since every policy is different. However, most insurers provide coverage for emergency medical expenses, as well as doctor's fees, x-rays, prescription drugs, emergency dental work, and more.

A typical super visa insurance policy would cover your family member(s) in the event of the following scenarios:
- They break their arm as the result of a fall and have to get an x-ray and cast.
- They suffer an accidental blow to the face and need emergency dental work to repair their teeth.
- They slip on some ice and sustain a head injury, resulting in a concussion and a trip to the emergency room.
- They get a kidney infection that requires lab tests and antibiotics to treat.
- They experience heart palpitations and need to see a specialist who prescribes expensive drugs.


  • Who needs medical insurance for Super Visa in Canada?
    • Super Visa medical emergency insurance is required to be submitted by all Super Visa applicants along with the application package to the Citizen and Immigration Canada office (CIC).
  • How much insurance coverage should I get?
    • That depends on the length of the visit and how much peace of mind you want. You need to purchase at least $100,000 worth of coverage in order for your family member(s) to be eligible for the super visa, but given the potential for high emergency health care costs, you may be more comfortable with a higher amount of coverage.
  • How do I determine the Super Visa medical insurance cost?
    • As you know, the cost of Super Visa insurance varies depending on several factors such as the amount of coverage, applicant's age, deductible, etc. In order to get an exact price on a Canadian medical insurance plan for Super Visa all you need to do is use our interactive calculator above. You will see a list of available options that are sorted according to the information you have provided. If you are looking for the cheapest Super Visa insurance plan, you will be happy to see what we have to offer.
  • Can I apply for a super visa insurance policy on behalf of my visiting family member(s)?
    • Yes. You can apply and pay for your visiting family members' super visa insurance policy, as long as you include their correct details in the application.
  • Does any Super Visa insurance plan cover pre-existing medical conditions?
    • Yes. Most Super Visa eligible insurance plans do come with a special benefit that covers pre-existing medical conditions that have been stable for a certain amount of time, which is set by the insurance provider of your choice.
  • Do I have to use a Canadian company?
    • As per the Canadian government, Super Visa insurance coverage must come from a Canadian company. One benefit of this is that Canadian insurers know the Canadian health care system better than providers in the visitor's home country. Canadian companies can provide the quickest turnaround time on claims, benefitting you and your family in your time of need.

Super Visa Canada: Program Summary

The Canadian government introduced Super Visas in 2011 to manage the backlog of applications received from visitors who wanted longer stays in Canada.

Valid for up to 10 years, the Super Visa is granted to qualified parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Unlike the regular visitor's visa that allows someone to remain in Canada for only six months, the Super Visa allows a stay of up to two years with an option to apply for an extension.

To learn more about this wonderful opportunity, just follow the steps below:

  • Super Visa Canada: Overview
    • Starting December 1, 2011, you can apply for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa Canada program, which is valid for up to 10 years and allows the applicant to stay in Canada for up to 24 months per visit. This is contrasted with a regular Multiple-Entry Visa, which only allows parents and grandparents to stay in Canada for up to 6 months, without having to renew their status.

      The good news is that most of the applications for Super Visa are processed within a few weeks. In order to check how long the Super Visa Canada application processing takes, follow the CIC’s list of Visa Offices across the world.
  • Super Visa Canada: Eligibility Requirements
    • As any other document to visit Canada, Super Visa has its own eligibility requirements that must be met by all applicants, who are planning to stay with their families in Canada.
      In order to apply for Super Visa, you MUST:

      – Be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada.
      – Be admissible for entry to Canada.
      – Fill out an Application for Super Visa.
      – Have a valid Canadian Super Visa insurance for 1 year with at least $100,000 total coverage.
      – Provide a Letter of Invitation from your child/grandchild in Canada, which outlines plans for your care and the number of people living in a household.
      – Provide written proof of financial support from your child / grandchild in Canada, who meets the requirement for the Income Threshold.

      To determine your eligibility, please review the official definitions stated on the CIC website – Eligibility Requirements
  • Super Visa Canada: Next Steps Once You Have Applied
    • Once you have prepared and sent your application package, you still have to perform several steps to have your Super Visa approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

      – Interview:

      Your Super Visa Canada application will be reviewed by a Visa Officer and they will decide whether it is necessary to schedule an interview with you. In case you are selected for an interview, you will receive a notification with guidelines and directions.

      – Medical Examination:

      You might be required to undergo a Medical Examination to enter Canada with a Super Visa. In such case, you will be given proper instructions by a Visa Officer on how and where the examination will take place. Please note that the medical checkup might extend the processing time for your Super Visa application by several weeks.

      Once a decision regarding your Super Visa has been made, you will get your passport and all other documents back. If a Super Visa is approved, it will be attached to the appropriate page inside your passport. However, in case your Super Visa application has been refused, you will receive a letter of explanation, so you can avoid the mentioned pitfalls next time you apply.